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Fossil Gallery - Quality from time immemorial!

For centuries scientists interested in the emergence of our planet and the dominant fact of life. Fossils are (usually) silent witness of times long past, and we are fascinated both by their beauty, and secondly by the mysticism of times, lagging behind even some millions of years.
Since "Jurassic Park" and other prehistoric films like "Ice Age" are dinosaurs & Co from the minds of our children no longer indispensable and "socially acceptable" now.

The enthusiasm also recognized me as a little boy. What began at the start with a small collection of matured years later in a separate museum that in 2008 celebrated in Taufkirchen / Vils (Luke Erding) its opening ( Since the thousands of visitors have admired the museum and they wanted to partake of the hobby, and inquired after a small piece of jewelry for the home. The variety of questions, and through worldwide contacts, the base has been created for the Fossil Gallery.

Our high-quality fossils, mostly from private collections or own excavations.

Unfortunately, fossils are often overpriced offered. In addition, traders do not conceal the often dubious supplements or other "cosmetic corrections". Of these retailers, we want to clearly distinguish us.

Through our broad expertise, we guarantee a high level of quality of our fossils. We buy quality instead of quantity at reasonable prices!

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Peter C. Kapustin